Long ago there lived a king named, Sam. He was a great man and a kind-hearted person his father name was shah he was very cruel among his son, and he also had his small sister, and his favourite man name was
Teji .one day when he was sitting in his garden five robbers and told the kind that before they tell they
gave the king a letter that we will have a war on 25 December and that day was 22 December he
thought he could not win there army was not ready for the fight. also can lose their people and far away
there was a kingdom named Green land , and their queen told his son to call our strongest man in Green land named Carl Benjamin
he went to see the problem and then Carl and seven went, and they saw a big gate Carl saw a small weapon a
Teji hit one of them, and they all were seared. Carl said, do not be afraid we have come from a very long journey
and have he also came here to help you all. Te replied no because we are losing our lives and it also now
today’s date is 24 December now we can get anything Carl replied n…no.We have come to meet your king
Sam, then he said Carl thank you but we no hopes please you can leave no my king there so many children
who have no reason to die. You think we cannot fight. So what you think we cannot we are great warriors from the great city. Ok, your word has bravery thank you now we have our own hopes. Of all. The great evil was ready for the fight
they were breaking the gates Carl 5 men 1 of the men was telling. They prepared the first attack of sending
Four men and two and Carl holding the gate the four men went to the battleground with their weapon till that they killed the king Sam and their saw and started crying. He became good and we should fight. They asked
where is Sam his father replied he has dead. But no one needs to die when are soldiers are there. We fight for
Volcano city. In that time, Carl told to come back. They made the weapon, and Carl was ready. They broke the gate and were coming in, but Carl killed many of men father told his small sister that I have men. We can fight. She hugged his father. She said come on we will fight for integrity hail Volcano they started fighting
in the War Teji was dead in the war after some time many evil people dead. There was a final time fight with Carl and the evil king, and Carl wins, and then they buried king Sam and Teji and all the people told Carl to thank you a lot of the father replied you are a hero Carl told Sam and Teji are the real heroes because they were ready to give life. And Carl and seven men went back to their place the queen said you are good and a kind-hearted person and in Volcano the small sister is the queen there. Then Carl showed the weapon to the prince he replied wow he said i would give in 2000 thousand o prince. He said this weapon is of lest cost it should be in 9400 crores. For saving them, I will give your reward later, Carl. Because you are king as your working for us so this belongs to thank you. The queen replied Carl, and you will get your reward later.

Thank you—-
Story on-16 March,2020

Published by Aarushbenjamin

Hello !!!!! I am R. Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin. He is a story writer on Marvel Hero's like Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron man [Robert Downy Jr.], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], etc Thank you----------

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