Long ago there lived an Indian army captain. His name was Captain Carl. He got a mission to go to Karachi and kill Samid , because,he came to Delhi as a business man but he was a Pakistani spy. He saw all papers of Indian spy on how they were in Karachi.
Captain Carl Benjamin told the plan that he has to go to Karachi as a Pakistani army. He said to his soldiers, “Our 3 men will come with me and our 5 men will attack them and as we will be in the Pakistani army and we will take him to underground that we have created.”. He continued, ” We will take him and kill him and,then next 2 minutes will be hard because Pakistani army will be behind us and,then we have can say that our mission is completed..”
Everything happened as they thought.
Listening this his friend Ahmed got angry and, came with his friends to India and in mad voice started to talk to his boss and told “Carl, I need to meet you.”
When Carl went to his boss.His boss said, ” I didn’t call you i think you are mistaken.”
Carl asked what are you saying so who called me.He got a information that his three army friends were
kidnapped. One was there in Nepal,second and third in Karachi. His boss told a woman named Fatima who was i Indian agent who is a dancer. And, Ahmed is found of dance. He told everything to Fatima what has happen. She told that i have a dance at 5’o clock Ahmed is also coming.And Ahmed will be using the inside we will take him into our house and kill hem once we can catch him.Carl got information that his friends are safe.There are in a secret place.Carl got a doubt that how did Ahmed know that we five men came with our boss.Only Summit is giving the information to Karachi.When Ahmed came to the washroom he got him and took him to underground place that they made to kill Samid . Fatima and Carl asked him so many questions he did not answer any of them. The only word that Ahmed told was i am robot Ahmed brother is smart and intelligent.Carl kept him in a safe place. Ahmed took three of them in one country.That country was North America, New York Carl came to India killed Summit and asked his boss what do now his boss replied i will send a man to help you his name is Rana he will help you . Ahmed has kept our three army in different houses that we don’t know.Carl and he took flight to New York and, reached there in two days.Carl saw there was number 1-128-220 he did not understand that quote.But he understood that his three men who he is finding are in this house number.He and Rana were finding that house number.They asked so many people but none of them know that number finally when they were going to the hotel back.One man saw that number and told are you finding this number house. Yes yes… we are finding do you know the man said i don’t know but my father’s friend now this number because everybody writes there house number there know those papers go to him he is head of them. Rana asked where is he. The man replied he went to Nepal he will be coming back if you wan’t you can stay with us today night and tomorrow meet him.Carl and Rana went to his home.That man’s father asked son why have you brought them home the son replied father they wan’t to meet your friend Ravi. he said Carl this man was my friend when i was small his father got job in Singapore and his mother died long ago. Carl asked him what was his father name was some MD. Amir Ahmed.Then Carl called his boss and asked what his Fatima’s full name he said MD. Fatima Ahmed. Then Carl said that means Fatima is going to Singapore not for a meeting she is going show the Indian army papers no no…. he said i have a idea Carl said tell the idea Rana told we will say that Fatima you have got a reward from Indian army best Pakistani spy.Carl said this a good idea.They called Fatima they told what they had too but Fatima know that you have know my truth . Carl i know that you know my truth you know i am Pakistani army agent not a Indian agent Carl replied Fatima why did you cheat the Indian army. Fatima told Indian tried to kill my father they killed my mother too. That’ s why i was waiting for a chance to kill India and move it from the map.Carl said how do know that Indian army killed your mother my uncle told me.Carl asked what was your uncle name she said Abdul Ahmed. Carl asked where is he she said he went for office work he will be coming back to tomorrow that means your uncle is planning everything . Fatima said leave my house right a way but still you are Indian army solider that’s why i will never understand my problem. Carl and Rana went to that man’s house and had a peaceful night. In night at 2’0 clock Fatima told his uncle a told he has come to Karachi why did you tell my full name to him. I have informed the Karachi police station tor he will be jail she told good night and went to sleep. In Carl mind there was only one question going in the night and in the Carl told Rana that i have i doubt that who is Fatima uncle if he is working in Karachi he would come back know if he is to another country he would be leaving there Carl told Rana that means Fatima is hiding something from us Fatima always keeps photos when ever she calls someone we both need to go when she is bathing we need to see her phone they wore masks that know one should know them he asked Carl a question that only our boss, Fatima and that man we stayed at his house were only know that we both are Indian agent that means in this three some two are doing this they went to her and found out that their boss is helping Carl and Rana told that man don’t say to Fatima that left from Karachi they gave him 10 thousand and kill their boss and their boss asked how did you come to India we both went in the suitcase and put controlling tracker that we could handle it. And we know that you are Ahmed where are my friends Ahmed told their are in Fatima ‘s house that’s why she send you out. They went to Fatima ‘s house and killed her and they saw that one under her room there were his friends she had so much information about India and took his friends back safely. Rana told Carl can a ask you question Carl replied yes ask me if our boss was here who was there. He kept a robot. They both saw their friend’s and were very happy. The Indian army gave Carl a price for his kindness to show and save his friends.

Thank you——
Story on. 19 April,2020

Published by Aarushbenjamin

Hello !!!!! I am R. Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin. He is a story writer on Marvel Hero's like Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron man [Robert Downy Jr.], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], etc Thank you----------

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