Long ago there lived minster named Carl Benjamin. He was always very smart and also obeyed his king. The king name was Alexander he was a well-known but his minister Ravi was a man that he was in anger to kill Carl because one day when they were hunting in the jungle Ravi was saving him but minister Carl was very smart and told shoot arrows on it and the Tiger died.Carl remembered one word of Ravi he told i can hide in suitcases too. Ravi and three minister planned to take Carl wife and his child Enosh Benjamin. To a their secret camp and call Carl to blame him money as he comes we will ask do need yourself or our family but minster’s did forgot about his intelligence. They went to their and wrote a letter in that we are kidnapped our son Carl did not know who it was but he understood that man’s hand writing was some of the minster’s in the place. They asked the people but none of the them was known about them. Carl saw a poor man sitting on the road crying because some people bet him very harshly Carl asked the poor man what has happen to you he told some people bet me i saw a small child his name Enosh Benjamin that was written in his paper it was written father our mother is in the river Krishna they locked her in one room number 706 you find our mother in the master bedroom bye. Carl quickly ran to the hotel with his car and saved his wife she was safe but she crying because she has lost his son. Soon Carl went back to the palace and told the king. King replied minister Ravi and three minister’s are missing too Carl said there is a hand in this four ministers. The next day Carl and the king Alexander found them in the cave of the palace and the took them kill them Carl asked where is my son. One man told they are reaching Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. They are going to reach Mumbai tomorrow Carl quickly ran to the Airport and checked everything could not find anything i can Carl remembered that word he told him i can hide suitcases he saw all the suitcases he found them in seat suitcases 706 they killed him Carl and his family lived happily ever long after.

Thank You——


Published by Aarushbenjamin

Hello !!!!! I am R. Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin. He is a story writer on Marvel Hero's like Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron man [Robert Downy Jr.], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], etc Thank you----------

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