Long ago in Hyderabad there lived a army solider named Carl he was in a investigation of boy named Andrew. He went to his mother’s house but could not find anything he asked what about your husband what does he say the women replied he is telling there is no child for us Carl and Elsa went to the police station and asked why are you not doing anything the Inspector Mosco replied we did 3 months investigation but we could find anything that’s why this case is closed Carl saw the report and saw the school name but before he could see the Inspector Mosco took it away he went to ask the principal he told we don’t know anything you can see CC telivision fotage you will find nothing. Carl saw but he could not find anything he asked all the people about Andrew but none of them knew about them he put the boy photo in the newspaper Elsa replied today my husband Rahul will be coming back from Australia Rahul he will get anger and anger about this. Rahul called Carl and told we don’t have a son you can remember how you saw here and 2 weeks back she got attacked by some robbers in the Hospital she was shouting where is my son Andrew i have the proof too my wife has no son. Carl went to Elsa house and told here you stupid there is no son’s for you when he was leaving the house there he saw the hieght 3 Carl replied i think sow there is son for you but the women died in that time Carl went to buy a car that shop owner name was Babu Khan. He sold him the car at 5 lakhs in the way he saw some Russian’s giving some money to Babu Khan from back Carl was listing there words they were telling him the Rahul wife died Sir gave us 9 crore for killing and he went to his shop and bet him and asked where is the child Babu replied Sunny bhai the brother of Rahul know’s Carl told ok from today you are living with me. Carl got party invetaion he went to the party and there somebody was dancing but suddenly his purse fall down he saw giving him back he saw the city police he took his card and school’s security guard and saw the CC tv fotage there he saw Sunny killing here he planned to police station too show this CC tv fotage that he planned to kill his own wife and lying the people but Carl got a idea i will go from back as Sunny gang will catch you till that time i will cross the place and show this police station Carl went showed this to them they then itself arrested Sunny and Rahul for there crime. Carl got a promotion for his intelligence.

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Published by Aarushbenjamin

Hello !!!!! I am R. Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin. He is a story writer on Marvel Hero's like Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron man [Robert Downy Jr.], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], etc Thank you----------

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