Long ago in Hyderabad there lived a agent named Carl Benjamin. He got a mission for a Giant diamond robbery his boss told we need to catch Kiran because he was the agent for the diamond but he was the thief we don’t know where is he went from here 2nd March, 2020. Carl replied we need go to Rajiv Gandhi International Airpot we will ask them did some one was very care full and was wearing a cap and different kind of dress they thought like that and went to the Airpot and that man real name Surya Yadav is a Nepali agent he did not come for anything we came for his wife who was here because he got a mission that why he came here second time Carl asked what is his wife name he replied he came her but saw his wife had died he ask he went from here but why are you asking about him. Carl replied he is a Surya Yadav the biggest thief and i saw him about his biggest robbery and i saw his biggest three banks robbery know he has money 3 Millions he has done to us this cheating know but today’s date is 4th April the going to meet his boss at 5th April he will sell that and earn money we need catch him know but. His boss replied told in this Nepal then Carl replied if he is rich he will sit on a small house because he don’t want touch his money he will not give his money to others we will see everything tomorrow we need to see we will take so many agent’s and find him ok. The next day as Carl planned he told we need to ask the people who is this Surya Yadav we will see what could we find about him. The booked three different tickets in the flight and 19 hours reached Kathmandu when they came off flight somebody had attacked them and however Carl escaped from there. But Carl then when he saw the time it was 5:00 pm in the morning they took them at 5:00 am then he stated getting afraid because the policeman’s are finding him. That time he called his boss we have fall in a big trouble his boss told a idea when he went out the policeman arrested you then that second you should ran and i will put your flight at 6:30 pm and again you remembered that watch i gave you talk one to another now the time is 5:45 pm now they will be taking them to jail you should catch a police officer and become a officer and you should tell all i will take care off this thief ‘s take them and run from there has in Kathmandu till they take them jail they don’t see their faces i will give 4 minutes then Carl replied”You want me go out run from there come back in 4 minutes what nonsense is this sir” his Boss told” okay i will give 10 minutes or 13 minutes go complete your mission”. As they thought it happened like that only the after 6 days his boss kept a secret meeting the time was 3:30 pm in the night his boss was talking about the fact how did they know that we are from India that means Surya Yadav people only must this thing know how will we find this Giant Diamond the meeting ended at 6:45 am that time somebody kidnapped their agent Ahmed then Carl called all of them and replied” Hey all do you know that Ahmed is kidnapped now he need information about his wife Carl asked is boss what is his wife name i do not know nothing about her Carl said Surya Yadav Aryu Yadav. Aryu Yadav she is a doctor of Nice Hospital she is from Kathmandu from her only we can catch her. They went to her Hospital and found out that she is really the wife of Surya Yadav and went out to the address which she told she also gave her letter that i am Aryu Yadav because she is the biggest business women in Kathmandu she did call to Surya when he took the call Carl understood where was he they caught him and took the famous the Giant Diamond. He was arrested in the central jail for 8 years.

Thank you—-

Story by- R. Ebenezer Aarush BENJAMIN.

Published by Aarushbenjamin

Hello !!!!! I am R. Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin. He is a story writer on Marvel Hero's like Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron man [Robert Downy Jr.], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], etc Thank you----------

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