In these days Carl Benjamin was still thinking about what that man said” my son will come to take a charge on you” for that thing he was very thinking who is his son he thought let us do everything tomorrow let us go to Ravi sir conference meeting. In the morning they all meet in the meeting Mr. Ravi was telling that”You all should find a man who killed my father and i see about him so okay we fill have to meet Mr. Andrew from this case Carl you take care for this now this case fill handle by Andrew Matt bye all”.Carl was still was not able to sleep he woke up and was getting ready to meet Andrew Matt in the night 12:00 pm in the night Matt was talking to the head of the Police department that” what shall we do now he was telling that first to move Carl from this case them we can kill mister Ravi from that” but Carl was not able her what they said because he was far to them 3 meters for that then after when they completed talking he went inside he replied”What talk was happening here i was there here from 40 minutes ago then Andrew came and told” Carl how did you come without my permission who send you here how dare you here what we were talking you are fired from Police Department you should not show your face till 2 months” Carl replied”I am sorry sir” after 1 month Carl was very shocked to listening that Andrew sir was taken out from the department because of his angry nees he was beating the police the people outside very harshly and taken out famous Agent Carl Benjamin. After listening to the news he was remembering that what they were angry to see me who are they my Andrew Sir he was telling his favourite weapon that’s why he followed them he found out they were son’s of Joseph who he killed that day they had kidnapped Andrew and there so much of gold then Carl told the police officer’s and the politican’s but no one did not believe in his word he went to the officer and said”That when you come back of me i hope you will find the truth” when he went they saw their sleeper sells and killed all of them his officer Sam replied” why did you kill all the sleeper sells”Carl said because they don’t know anything they all wait for their boss send a message to enter they will have no information” they checked one mans phone his boss number was 3****mister7 that number was of the Ravi sir he had a connection with the sleeper sells they went them catched him took and arrested him Carl was very free and happily lived with his family.

Note-*The Amazing Voyage [Vol-4] Will be coming on July 10th 2020

Thank you—-

Story By- R. Ebenezer Aarush BENJAMIN.

Published by Aarushbenjamin

Hello !!!!! I am R. Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin. He is a story writer on Marvel Hero's like Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron man [Robert Downy Jr.], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], etc Thank you----------


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