Long ago in Hyderabad there lived a Secret Investigation Agent named Carl Benjamin he had a small brother named John Benjamin. He had got a promotion for his Software work doing it 3 weeks from Hyderabad to New York and living there 3 months going to Los Vegas living there 3 months shifting to Los Angles like that he had to meet some people like that from 1 year he got a big house and was very happy one day Carl called him and told i am going to come Los Angles on March 2 ND,2020 and going to leave on 18 April,2020 when came to Airpot he called John did not lift the call then Carl Journey completed and he was ready come down but no one came to pic him up when John told him the address it was Sun Park 151-5-1229 when he went there nobody was there Carl got a doubt but when he saw it was St. Andrew s and because he saw his brother sitting in the St. Andrew’s Cricket.ground when he came Carl asked him” hey John how are you” Then John replied “Carl how are I am fine what about you” Carl replied” let’s go to our house” John replied ” no there so many Police that’s why i did not lift your call they were telling me some Secret Investigation Agent they are finding” Carl asked “why are they finding him i mean nothing there some mystery” John said “lets go home we will see other’s tomorrow” Carl got doubt that first a fall he was saying Police were in the house which house are we going let’s see. They were walking for One hour but still John said ” Only 1kilometer more we will reach the house they reached the house and were very sleepy and in the night 12.00 Police came to the house and were ready to arrest John but Carl asked” why what did do your’s” their Police Charlie replied” he killed so many people in Los Vegas, New York, Chicago and Los Angles and all this case some one else is helping them that’s why came to his house and there we did not find anything remembered that when i came to your house you replied incorrect address his real name is not John Benjamin it is MD. Ali Khan that’s why he took you to 1 hour 10 mintues walk that Police should find him and he was standing in the ground because there are no police allowed the court order okay bye”. And after half an hour Carl thought i am Crime Investigation Secret Agent why can’t do anything he replied brother Md. Ali khan be ready then Carl told the police he was Crime Investigation Agent they what to do Carl told the plan “I was Police then i a got promotion to this my brother does not who i am now let’s where is he”Carl remembered the places he told him he went Las Vegas, New York, Los Angles and Chicago he must be there his phone number is 1515122912 the called to the number and sawed and asked who is speaking then the thief replied”My name is John Benjamin where are you leaving you got parcel that why from Ali Khan”thief thought i am Ali Khan who is she talking he said”Okay my addrees is Sun Park 151-5-1229 i am living in Chicago Thank you bye!!!!”She was Carl Benjamin’s Crime Investigation Department Sup- Inspector. Carl Benjamin told the plan was if we attack they will now that’s why we will go four direction’s when i tell Ready we will attack okay meet you all in Chicago” In Chicago they felt so many people Carl Benjamin was telling wait not now one vegetable shop man told”Get set fire Ready”he saw a joke the team started attacking but they went from there in that time Carl killed their one man and he became their side to attack he gave them the place to come the police came and caught all but Ali Khan ran from there but Carl kept Trackker on him that’s why they caught also in the Dustbin he was thinking no body could catch him but Police found him out took him to the Chicago’s Central Crime Jail. he had so much Gold they gave all the people back but Carl asked his brother what happened when he was small the great Charlie Thief killed my son and kept his son the exchange machine.

Thank You———–

Story By- Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin.

Published by Aarushbenjamin

Hello !!!!! I am R. Ebenezer Aarush Benjamin. He is a story writer on Marvel Hero's like Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron man [Robert Downy Jr.], Hulk [Mark Ruffalo], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], etc Thank you----------

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